Lyrix Organix, Rich Mix 26th February

16 Feb

Lyrix Organix
Lyrix Organix, who I reviewed late last year, and whose presence at Glastonbury this year looks set to be pretty amazing, have a show coming up at Rich Mix, East London on the 26th Feb. The event will be as live hip hop, spoken word, and lyrically and acoustically infused as you’d expect, though it’ll be probably be even better than that. Plus it’s all in aid of MSF. I met Dan, who organises these events (though I haven’t met anyone else involved, so sorry if I’m missing you out!),and all I’m saying is that you can pretty much tell straight away that he does all this for the genuine next level love of showcasing artists with talent and passion. He’s one of those people who works in a full time day job and does all the Lyrix stuff he does on the side, and makes it so good. I’m really not sure how he does it, it’s pretty amazing. Last time I went the show really had a unique inimitable vibe, and from reading other reviews and comments it seems previous shows seem to have had the same effect on people. Or maybe this is the kind of thing that just couldn’t be more up my street which is why once again I’m struggling not go overboard with the superlatives. Here’s some of the line up for the night:

G.R.E.E.D.S , who’ll be backed by the Remedies, Ed Sheeran’s band:

Dean Atta , award-winning poet and writer

and brilliant UK Spoken Word artist HKB Finn

Buy tickets here:
And visit the facebook page here:!/event.php?eid=134777389919547

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