Suffering from post-Spending Review confusion? Join the club

21 Oct

I don’t know about you, but here at Soundboard the budget, flaky coalition promises and threats of double dip recessions have done nothing more than cause furrowed eyebrows and a few more worry lines. If we are to believe everything the government says at face value, well, we’d be slightly naive, but we’d also be inclined to think that all these cuts equate to some kind of victory we should all be grateful for. But far from the barbaric jeers and back slaps in the House of Commons, the common (wo)man is feeling far from jovial. What exactly will all these changes mean for us?

Here are some of the most comprehensive articles we’ve found on the budget and its implications.

The Spending Review in full (for the brave and time rich!)

The summarised low down:

The BBC’s Spending Review key points and a Q&A about the budget.

Why this will hit women the hardest, from the Fawcett Society.

How cuts will leave the Middle Class £10, 000 worse off, from the Telegraph.

The opinions behind the facts:

The day Britain became a crueller country, from the Telegraph.

How the Spending Review axe falls on the poor, from the Guardian.

The Bullingdon Boys, finishing what Thatcher began, from the Guardian.

‘We’re all in this together’? Think again, from the New Statesman.

At the beginning of Osbourne’s speech, the Chancellor claimed that this Review would mark the moment of when Britain comes ‘back from the brink’. So why does it feel like we’re hanging half way off the cliff already?

If you have any grievances to voice about the spending review et al. get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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